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Using poshgit @VisualStudio

Git in Visual Studio

As You probably know Visual Studio has integrated git client. It is really cool thing. Unfortunately there is a big BUT: it does not support git over ssh.

So in 99% cases I use separate console window to push my stuff to remote repository. But not anymore :)

Package manager console to the rescue

The easiest way (in my opinion of course) is to use Package Manager Console is a PowerShell console :) The only difference is that it has separate profile file form standard PowerShell.

PoshGit - git extension for PowerShell

If didn’t try this before, you should now. It was described before at:

The effect in PowerShell: poshgit in powershellhich gives you all needed information with colors and numbers about your local git repository: how many new files, how many changes, is you repository behind/after origin, etc.

Poshgit inside VisualStudio

If you already install posh-git in “normal” PowerShell the easiest step is add “include” in package manager console profile file. Just run inside package manager console

notepad $PROFILE 

and add line like below. Iit depends on how you installed poshgit - you can find it in normal powershell profile with typing in in notepad $PROFILE

. 'C:\Users\XXXXXX\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\posh-git\profile.example.ps1'


. 'C:\[somewhere]\posh-git\profile.example.ps1'

Reload profile with . $PROFILE or just restar Visual Studio. Now I am ready to work:

posh-git in VS

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