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How to shine your old windows form application

Long long time ago on your PC…

you created an ugly application using Windows Forms. Probably even not one:) I did exactly same. I have a lot of such applications, most of them nobody will never use. Exactly most, but what about some?

Few days a go my friend ask me, if we can “renew” our old application, because he would like to show it. When he opened it:

  1. it was working - good
  2. it is still useful - very good
  3. it is 100% old/ugly/etc. - not good at all

What can we do?

  1. Nothing - easiest way :), but we are both web developers. In modern webpage we just apply bootstrap and we have nice look&feel
  2. We can buy Telerik/DevExpress/ComponentOne/etc. - but it is expensive. Our application was for free. The cheapest components box, I founded was for 200$ and it was still ugly. Nice one was from 800$. For showing a free application it is too much
  3. Convert it to WPF or other. Almost same problem as with above point. Instead money we need to “pay” with time

From above only “1” is acceptable :(

Something else?

YES there is a fourth option. You old ugly windows form application can look like following:

To see all features watch:

So we can bring new Modern UI alias Metro UI of Windows 8 to .NET Windows Forms - hurray. Just visit http://viperneo.github.io/winforms-modernui/

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