I pretend to be an IT speaker and I really like it. In my opinion sharing knowledge is the best thing that every developer should do. The easiest way is to speak loud :)

My goal is to share my knowledge and experience in building stuff. From time to time sharing crap to make sure that someone will learn from my mistakes.

Invitation to talk

If I sound like an interesting person and you would like to invite me for a talk, then feel free to email me and I would love to attend.

Upcoming events

Winter break :)

Previous events

  1. Myth busters - HTTP/2 and web performance - 2016-11-30 Dev@Ldz
  2. Pogromcy mitów HTTP/2 i wydajność stron WWW - 2016-11-05 DotNetConf - Video
  3. Wydajność webowa - jak to ugryźć? - 2016-10-18 Dev@ZG
  4. Is DevOps in banking possible? - 2016-10-14 High Load Strategy
  5. Czy DevOps w bankowości jest możliwy? - 2016-09-09 BBQ4IT
  6. Czy DevOps w bankowości jest możliwy? - 2016-09-08 IT Career Summit
  7. Czy DevOps w bankowości jest możliwy? - 2016-07-21 SysOps / DevOps Polska MeetUp - Video
  8. Czy DevOps w bankowości jest możliwy? Czyli słów kilka o wdrażaniu oprogramowania - 2016-06-18 Daj się poznać
  9. Czy DevOps w bankowości jest możliwy? - 2016-05-19 IT w bankowości
  10. Is DevOps in banking possible? - 2016-04-14 Get.NET in Łódź
  11. PowerIsHell – czyli PowerShell dla dewelopera - 2015-10-17 Kariera IT
  12. Jak dojrzewał DevOps w mBanku - teoria i praktyka :) - 2015-09-30 Dev@LDZ
  13. Unit tests workshop in .NET - 2015-05-30 DevWarsztaty
  14. DevOps in mBank - lesson learned - 2015-05-18 Atmosphere conference - Video
  15. DevOps in mBank - lesson learned - 2015-04-20 4developers - Video
    1.Vagrant with Windows - 2015-10-31 dotNetConfPL - Video
  16. Vagrant with Windows - 2015-09-23 Białostocka Grupa .NET
  17. Power(I)Shell - Powershell for developers - 2015-09-23 Białostocka Grupa .NET
  18. Vagrant with Windows - 2015-06-11 Warszawska grupa .NET
  19. Power(I)Shell - czyli krótki snack o powershell dla developera - 2015-04-16 Warszawska grupa .NET - Video
  20. Cook your Vagrant - 2014-04-26 Warsjava
  21. about.mbank - 2014-09-16 Wrocławska Grupa .NET - Video
  22. Cook your Vagrant - 2014-04-26 Warsjava
  23. about.mbank - 2014-02-27 Warszawska grupa .NET

Slides from previous events

In random order:

  1. Myth busters: HTTP/2 and web performance - https://stapp.space/content/images/slides/http2andwebperf
  2. OctopusDeploy from Zero to Hero
    OctopusDeploy workshop with ASP.NET and EntityFramework
  3. Is DevOps in banking possible?
    DevOps is a buzz word for last few years. It associate with other buzz words like: cloud, agile, fast deployment. Moreover in DevOps stuff we usually talk about Linux tools. But is it possible to have DevOps in company like bank? Can we do all fancy stuff on Windows? Is bank really something different than Google or Facebook?
  4. Vagrant with Windows, czyli włóczęga z oknami
    How to use Vagrant in Windows environment for Windows boxes
  5. Cook your vagrant - 4-5 hours workshop about Vagrant with bash and chef-solo
  6. about.mbank - the unique stuff mBank team did in rewriting mBank access channels
  7. PowerIShell - Powershell for developers - some useful tips&trick in PowerShell for not only developers :)
  8. Logon Workshop - step by step guide how to refactor your code to introduce Unit tests
  9. DevOps in mBank - lesson learned