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Piotr Stapp in 2016

I have been busy in 2016. I did a lot for a community, my job and myself also. Moreover, I didn’t realize what I achieved until today.


Last year I was speaking on:

That is in average one talk per month. Awesome!



Amazing stats. I’m shocked. My post reached ~1.2m people. Can you imagine 1.2 million people?

The rest is also impressive. I’m in:

  • top 3% overall
  • top 5% in asp.net, asp.net-mvc, C#, jquery and twitter-bootstrap tags
  • top 10% in .net, asp.net-mvc4, javascript and powershell tags

For more check out my StackOverflow profile


With Jakub Gutkowski and Paweł Łukasik we organized 10 meetings last year. 10 amazing, hands-on, all-day workshops in Warsaw and Wrocław. Want to be a member? Sign up now to our meetup.


I’m learning French on DuoLingo. I decide to learn French to be more romantic. For example I can say:

La chaussette rouge

If you don’t know what it is, just google this I had 450+ days streak, but in the 29th of December, I forgot to do my lesson. Moreover, I forgot to buy a “code freeze”. Gosh. So here I go again. Wish me luck.

My job

Last year I learned that my job is top secret banking stuff 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Next year will bring something new and more exciting.


Being the manager of 9 people team is exhausting. Moreover when you want to code from time to time. But I did it with a few successes. I’m really proud of myself. But to be fair, I still think that I’m better in coding than management. Or to be more precise I much more like development.


Last year I created some code in C#, JavaScript, TypeScript (new stuff), CSS+LESS (fight versus code), PowerShell, Java (stream in Java 8 are pure fun), bash and even in PHP on devwarsztaty. That is an awesome list. And still, I’m web guy with DevOps skills. Funny mix :)


In the last day of 2016, I learned how to ice skating backward. Can you believe it?


Last year was busy for me. I have worked a lot for a community, my job and myself. Moreover, I didn’t realize what I did until today. I’m really proud of myself. I still cannot believe that I did so many things. It is awesome!

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