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"I have a VERY interesting job offer for You"

The best job offer for IT developer

During last week I heard this statement few times. My favorite one was: I have a interesting job offer for You as SharePoint developer I still cannot understand how words: interesting and SharePoint can coexist in one sentence without destroying itself :)

Example talk

To be precise I don’t want to change my job. Of course if someone calls me and offer a dream job I will change it without asking: how much you pay?

Today I stuck in traffic jam an typical HR researcher call me to offer a job as ASP.NET MVC developer. I was boring, so I didn’t end call asap, but I tried to discover what is this job about.

First of all I was asked if I know ASP.NET MVC (on MVC was a big accent), then jQuery, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML, XML, C#, Kanban or Scrum, T-SQL, …. My answer was as you expected: yes, yes, yes, … After another “yes” I asked her where did she found my CV, because all contains above information, but she said that she must ask such questions.

Now interesting fact: she found me as ASP.NET MVC developer, she call me because in 99% she found me searching for above skills. Of course I don’t have to know C# if I am ASP.NET MVC developer: I can use VB.NET or even F# - but such cases are really rare. But be serious I have to know basic about jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, … if I do anything in web development. Facepalm.

What are we talking about

After above questions, she was very happy. I meet all criteria, so she was ready to send my CV to her boss/IT manager/someone else and disconnect the call. But I tried to ask some basic questions like:

  • what project is about?
  • where would I work if I agree?
  • what benefits I would receive? The answer you probably know: cannot say it is secret in this part of recruiting process. The only clean answer was about last one: private medical care and MultiSport card (for non-polish: card for accessing sport objects). I asked what about: MSDN access, Pluarsight, Resharper and other stuff useful for developers. Of course answer was: don’t know

Sum up

I understand that woman, who call me really did not know about most my questions, I understand that someone print typical skills which are useful and she asked it, I understand that she really does not have IT knowledge. Moreover I know she is not responsible for that. But please IT guys spent more that 2 minutes preparing questionnaire for candidate. Prepare few statements about project. Ideally also few about things important to developers. We all does not have infinite time, so again please do some preparation. You, me, them, everybody - we won’t change our work until:

  • project is really interesting
  • we are not $%$#%@#[email protected]# with our current job
  • the proposition is different then others
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