Make you code editor a little more bloody

Your Integrated Development Environment(IDE) is Your main tool. Anything that can make it better is worth of trying :)
Nowadays we are using usually more than one IDE. For example Visual Studio for backend and Sublime for the frontend. Or maybe You prefer IntelliJ/WebStorm/PyCharm/PhpStorm with Vim?
Also, Xcode with TextMate and Visual Studio Code is an interesting combo.

Black or white?

A long time ago Michael Jackson sing:

But, if you're thinkin' about my baby

It don't matter if you're black or white

But if you ask any developer, it really matters if his editor is black or white :)

For me, the biggest problem was with colors during switching between different editors.
The second problem is key scheme, but this is a different story :)
I always set black/dark theme but differences irritate me.

Blood is good

Sometime ago at least I found solution: Dracula theme for all editors. If you favourite is missing you can add it, because it is open-source. Sweet is it?
Just check it out:

Now all we can have a bloody editor. Have fun!