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Craft Conf is for crafters (2016)

This year I was attempting Craft Conf for the first time. A lot of people told me that it is the awesome conference. So I was expecting a lot. Especially that “craf is for crafters”. How was it this year?

Place, food & stuff

If You don’t know craft is in Budapest. I love this city. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a lot of time to sightseeing, because my flight was canceled. Anyway, the conference was in the Hungarian Railway History Park, with a lot of historical trains. In every break, we can look at a lot of historical trains. That was so cool.

The breaks, of course, relates to food. The organizers serve a lot of Hungarian food. It was delicious.

The organization was great. Even queues during lunch break weren’t long. WiFi was working well. What do we need more? Especially that there were more than 1000 attendees.

Above is not much important when you came to listen, but congratulations for organizers for their huge job.


To be precise most sessions were about 3 topics:

  1. Docker
  2. Microservices
  3. Other DevOps stuff

I don’t know why there wasn’t almost anything on:

  1. web development techniques/frameworks/etc.
  2. .NET - there was exactly one session by Bart De Smet
  3. mobile - maybe two sessions


I’m still impressed. To be fair I marked during two days only two sessions on average 3 out of 5. Most of them were gets more than 4 in 5 categories. There were 16 slots. It is really impressive. The best sessions for me in appearance order:

  1. Seven Secrets of Maintainable Codebases by Adam Tornhill
  2. What I Wish I Knew Before Scaling Uber to 1,000 Services by Matt Ranney
  3. Under the hood of the C# programming language by Bart De Smet


It was awesome. I was exactly like Minions:

I hope next year will be a least good as this year.

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