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I am XYZ developer. How about You?

I am a developer

I always introduce myself as a .NET developer, but most time I don’t write dotNET code at all. I can generalize it to “XYZ developer”, where XYZ is one technology name.

But during last year I build some stuff in:

  • JavaScript+Css+HTML+Backone+Angular+… -> but this part still qualify into “XYZ developer”
  • SQL database in various version -> this part is still OK: databases includes into “XYZ developer” work
  • Cassandra+Hadoop+… -> Big Data is just bigger database, so same as above
  • Apache Storm -> I have to use Java+Maven+…, doesn’t qualifies to “XYZ developer” until XYZ is not Java
  • Chef+Vagrant -> some DevOps stuff in Ruby, but DevOps is cool know co it include in “XYZ developer”
  • PowerShell and bash -> same as above but more primitive, but still DevOps
  • Outlook+Bug tacker+… -> favorite tools in every organization, nobody likes them but everybody use them every day and spend in in too much time
  • […]

So who we are

Am I still a XYZ developer? Or maybe just developer without XYZ? Craft men or artist? I decide to create simple test. Are you ready? What will you use to calculate following equation: (820293928213392+332249999923293)*3332332

I want to write here that: until your answer wasn’t Excel you know what you should put into XYZ, but I know a developer who build stuff in Excel using VBA, formulas, pivotes, etc. I am sure that this developer is not a businesses guy.

To sum up: I hope you know who you are. What about me? I should start introduce myself as craftsmen or DevOps guy - is sounds much more cool

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