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You stuck, have a problem, need help? Let's try to find an answer.

Almost every day we have an unsolved problem. So of them:

  • Where is my ball? Daddy help!!!
  • Dude were is my ride?
  • Who have seen my keys?
  • Why my project does not work?

For first three, usually we have to deal with it alone or ask our wives.

I don’t know why, but for last problem the “wife option” does not work.

Simple problem, simple solution

Our first choice is Google (or Bing) and we are redirect to StackOverflow/forum/blog. 30 seconds and we are happy. If problem is a little more complicated (or we didn’t search enough) we can ask question. My case: Last week I need to calculate stats for all threads, which I was executing. SO was the perfect solution and I received a full generic code

Complex stuff

Above stack works perfectly when we have a problem in code. But what about problem with external solution - it can be “black box”, open-source, something mixed - especially when it is a performance solution. I suggest to do following:

  • find official forum (sometimes it is SO) - in my opinion authors don’t like unanswered question, so someone will take care
  • find official mailing group - I hate this kind of forum, but it works same as above
  • use social media
  • if someone answer on above, especially when he is evangelist or author “attack” him personally :)
  • ask your friends - maybe someone knows a specialist

Using all above options remember about most important option:

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