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Caring is sharing (vol.1) - OAuth

Last week I was mainly interested in deeply understanding OAuth, JWT and how to implement it in .NET (Core).

  • https://stormpath.com/blog/authentication-asp-net-core - simple list of basic tools you can use in .NET. Not perfect, but a good point to start.
  • http://nordicapis.com/how-to-handle-batch-processing-with-oauth-2-0/ - great explanation how we can use OAuth in batch processing. I’m not 100% sure that it is a perfect solution, but this opens my mind to new ideas.
  • http://kevinchalet.com/2016/07/13/creating-your-own-openid-connect-server-with-asos-creating-your-own-authorization-provider/ - this not a single post, but a long series. Strongly recommend if you want to understand how OAuth is working.
  • MsBuild day 1 video from ~53:00 about how to switch user authentication in ASP.NET Core.
  • If you know Polish you can read Marek Grabarz posts about OAuth in Azure B2C - https://marekgrabarz.pl/tag/oauth2-0/
  • Another post series (thanks got to Tomasz Onyszko) about Open id connect. The most interesting article: OpenID Connect Session Management using an Angular application and IdentityServer4

What else?

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