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Did you clone .NET Core already?

.NET Core is Open Source

I am really amazed. It may be strange but I was sure that MS some day will open .NET source code, especially after showing “roslyn compiler” some time ago. Now projects on .NET foudation list is quite impressive. Take a look and find what you would like to explore.

What is more

  1. Microsoft puts codes on Github instead of old coldplex -> https://github.com/dotnet
  2. .NET Core will run OFFICIAL on OSX & Linux - this point I still cannot believe
  3. Free Visual Studio to everyone - new community edition which equals to professional instead of multiple “express” edition for every part of platform
  4. MSDN users will get Pluarsight as a bonus
  5. Visual studio support for Apache Cordova support & Android emulator & Visual C++ for Cross Platform Mobile Development -> full mobile development inside VS

What does this change?

  1. I am almost sure that .NET apps will still run best under Windows. But cool things is that you can use any other system to develop them
  2. Some companies (especially small ones) will stop buying MSDN subscription -> why to pay if VS is for free
  3. Microsoft proved that it see power in community
  4. “-aaS” is future for making money - this can be MS new statement

Sum up

Probably this weekend I will clone .NET Core and start to analyze what is inside. Maybe some pull request on Monday ;)

We are living in interesting times and this is really cool

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