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Why am I not an European Athletic Champion?

During last few days I watched a lot relation from European Athletics Championships in Zurich. Poland got a lots of medals - 12 (when I writing) and it is a really big success when I look in other countries: Germany - 5 medals; Italy - 4; Holland - 6.

It gives us 6th position in general classification and 5th in points classification after Russia, France and Great Britain (more on Polish Wikipedia)

But I ask myself why am I not there? - not as a fun club member, but as an Athletics Champion. But why am I not an Athletics Champion? The simple answer is because I never tied most athletics disciplines. Of course when I was a child a do a lot of sports: I do swimming, skiing, running, playing football/volleyball/basketball and I am even train tennis for more than 10 years. But during this years I never tried discipline like javelin throw, discus throw, high jump or pole vault. Long and triple jump two I tried once when I was 10 or 11.

To sum up this post: I hope my children will have a chance to try at least once some classic sports and maybe some day even be a athletic champion at school, city or world ;)

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