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Web design in Photoshop - completely BAD idea

Photoshop and web designers

As long as I remember web designers created web layout in Photoshop. When layout was ready “the slicer” (a some between designer and coder) take this “perfect” layout and slice it. Then coder take sliced html, usually almost completely rewrite it and created a “perfect” website. And then the bad thing happened. The “main investor” looked at completed product and starts to complain.

In this moment process start over, and over and over. Most of us cheats and in some moment “the slicer” is eliminated.

But why not PSD?

  1. The are a lot of beautiful CSS frameworks, which we can reuse, without PSD file like bootstrap, google material design, metro UI, skeleton or foundation
  2. If still you want to create something by your own, maybe at least CSS grid frameworks will help you :)
  3. Creating demo or mock, every action will be there already. You don’t have to “design” 3 button states
  4. Without sliced images your website will be lighter and faster - in CSS you have nowadays all fancy stuff: gradients, fonts with images, transparency, rotation, …

So please designers stop use Photoshop and learn HTML+CSS.

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