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StackOverflow question - my personal anti-record

Some minutes ago I asked a simple question on StackOverlow:

How to compile C# to .NET 4.0 on machine with 4.5.1

But in the text of question I made a stupid mistake because I wrote:

In my computer I have .NET framework 4.0 How to be sure that compilation of c# project will run on machine with only .NET 4.5?

Of course You probably see the problem, a guy called @tnw write me a comment:

Your question and title are totally different. What are you asking?

Until I updated my post it had already -8 points and 2 votes to close as not a real question. -8 point is ok ;), but why it is not a real question I don’t know.

I updated my question to correct one, still forgetting that I didn’t mention that I don’t have a Visual Studio on compilation machine. I updated my question to full details but I ended up with -14 points and marked as duplicate and it look like this (I make a screenshot because it has already 2 delete votes): {<2>}my anti-record question on SO

The funnest thing for me is that my best answer is for question:

Bootstrap 3.0.0 - what is replacement of bootstrap-responsive.css?:

My answer is just quote of the Bootstrap documentation. This question has already 16 votes, my answer has 38 :) I don’t see big different with this question, of course without counting my mistake :)

Next time I will read my question twice before publishing on: StackOverflow

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