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Should not happen comment

The code & the comment

Today I found the simple code with the even more simple comment:

if (entry== null)
       return; // should not happen

What if the “if” just happened?

The Finagle’s law is:

Anything that can go wrong, will—at the worst possible moment.

Especially in IT it is true. Unfortunately I saw variation of above code many times, which is completely sad.

Fail fast

In my private opinion the best way is to fail fast. I know that user/system/boss will be sad/broke/angry, but if abnormal situation happen even once you will be know about it. So the easiest way is to

if (variable == null)
    throw new Exception("Oh my god the universe just doomed: entry is null");

but I cannot

If you really cannot throw an Exception, log this error. Log it in standard way with all needed information like: stack trace, context, etc. It should be easy to access as all your logs.

The perfect solution

The perfect solution is simple: combine logging and exception. This should allow to track fast what exactly happened, which should not happened

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