sudo !! - run last command in elevated PowerShell prompt

Last week I have a lot of fun with docker on windows, but I have one small problem. I usually run PowerShell in standard mode, without admin rights. And from time to time I want to restart service, run docker command or ... - run the previous command in the elevated prompt. In Linux, there is a sudo !!. But in PowerShell, there is no even built-in sudo.

A few months ago I described how to run sudo command in PowerShell (more in Run sudo in Windows). But I was still missing sudo !!.
Today I found a solution.

Using Get-History

I need a good name for my function. I decided to name it: f--k. I usually say this word, when I forgot about admin rights.

It is really easy to create we just need to get last invoked command using Get-History ‎Cmdlet:

function f--k  
    $cmd = (Get-History ((Get-History).Count))[0].CommandLine
    Write-Host "Running $cmd in $PWD"
    sudo powershell -NoExit -Command "pushd '$PWD'; Write-host 'cmd to run: $cmd'; $cmd"

Linux style

Now we can modify original sudo function to accept !!:

function sudo  
    if($args[0] -eq '!!')
       $file, [string]$arguments = $args;
       $psi = new-object System.Diagnostics.ProcessStartInfo $file;
       $psi.Arguments = $arguments;
       $psi.Verb = "runas";
       $psi.WorkingDirectory = get-location;

And now I am happy Windows user with Linux styled command.