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My children asked for own Windows accounts

Today is end of the universe

I cannot believe, but I have following following conversation with my son (age almost 6):

  • I will never hack in to Your account Daddy. - said D.
  • Why You want to do this? - me
  • Because I don’t have my own one - D.
  • So You want one? - me
  • YEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!! - D.
  • Me to, me to. - added M.- twin sister of D. […]
  • Why I don’t have an account? I have to use tablet and phone - my wife
  • Ok You will have one - me

So now my PC have 4 accounts instead of one:

  1. Mine
  2. D.
  3. M.
  4. My wife

It was mine old laptop with one small account, now it is a family laptop :)

Anyway I setup Microsoft Family Safety - I am really interested how it will work.

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