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Most important question on your next JavaScript framework

JavaScipt and frameworks

Not so long time ago we have JavaScript and new nice libraries (they are usually called frameworks) like: jQuery, MooTools, YUI. Moreover not so long time ago everybody was writing their own AJAX library. But this changed and now we have a lot of new, shiny frameworks. ComicStip has a beautiful strip about it:


Last few years gives a so many frameworks, which lives fast and died young. Even big “players” like Angular had problems like:

  • Angular 2 won’t be compatible with Angular 1
  • in the begging they said: we won’t give you way to upgrade
  • then after community @#[email protected]#$, they change their mind

In my work I am having problems with backbone.js, because we used it in a way which disabled easy upgrade. Of course we can make a big effort and write a big part only to enable upgrade. The question is: what for?

React.js now is in a crazy boarding state. And in 2015 everybody must use it.

Next one - Aurelia?

Aurelia looks like a shiny cool new framework. It is not even in public beta, but have a great community. I check it and it really looks simple and easy to adopt - which is great. But there is one small problem - the author. Rob Eisenberg is a really well know JS developer. With a lot of UX/UI experience. Just look on Aurelia framework commits:

So where is the problem? There is ~40 contributors to this project, but most of them changed few lines. Which means that in this project a “new” design pattern is used: Single Person Responsibility. Similar to Single Principle Responsibility, but with noticeable difference.

The question

After all you can ask yourself one important question about your next JavaScript framework: will it blend?

p.s. The post cover of course is from http://www.willitblend.com/

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