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I need an alarm clock


In last month my work little change. For the developer I was moved up to team leader - I am not calling myself manager yet :) But this has drastic change in my work hours. Basically I work maximum till 5 PM. Sometimes from 7:30 AM, but in 99% situations I was out of office at 5:00PM. This allows me to study something at home, write blog post, play with my children, etc.

But this changed and I started to have situations like: “F##K F##K it is after 6PM. ARGH!!!!!” and run out of office. This one hour is really important for my life, so I decided to change this drastically.

The Alarm Clock

I just setup my mobile phone to alarm me at 17 PM. I will give myself 5 minutes to shut down my PC and go home. I hope I will return to my previous habits, because to work hard you have to rest hard. No pain no gain doesn’t work here.

Cross your fingers for me please :)

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