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cfp.help - my first real MVP project

The reason

Everything started with a simple tweet


I am almost sure that when you think about such site you just included:

  • server side technology
  • front-end framework
  • database
  • hosting
  • git

We also had a long discussion on Tweeter about technologies (from golang to .NET), databases (like rethinkDB), etc.

Real needs

Send here a moment and think what do we need to present. My idea accepted by others (Konrad Kokosa, Michał Śliwoń and Marcin Biegała) was to create a simple web page with one table containing following information:

  • conference name
  • localization (city/country)
  • conference date
  • CFP final date
  • CFP link
  • optional tags for easier search
  • optional search box (because we can replace it by CTRL+F in browser)


Sum up of above idea can be: static webpage. For layout we decided to use bootstrap and bootstrap table component. Konrad did it a simple page with a JSON file (for date) in one evening. For source control we used github, and for hosting github pages. Because the only database we have is plain JSON file. After 2 or 3 days we decide to have one JSON per CFP and use Jekyll to merge it into final one JSON file - it is much easier to maintain.


The funny thing is that instead of “huge” project we created 100% useful page. Exactly what we all understand as Minimum Viable Product. Now we can go we new ideas like: RSS feed, icon/image, more user friendly process of adding CFP, etc.

If you have an idea just visit http://cfp.help/ or https://github.com/callForPapers/callForPapers.github.io/ and propose it :)

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