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Being an author of the "Legacy Code"

Legacy code

Until you are not working in a startup, your organization has some legacy code. Moreover when this code was created it wasn’t a legacy. It was a shiny, quite impressive, used the best frameworks available in the market, …

But then few years passed and you look back in the code and it stopped to be so shinny.

Fresh blood

My team changed a lot in last 3 months and we have a lot of new blood. Few times I have questions like: why this is done this way? And the answer is: this part was the first one, we did this and it was working, so nobody had time to make it better. Moreover when my teammate ask if he should “fix” this, at first I said “No”. The I asked myself, what I would did in his place - fiding something stupid in legacy code. And the answer was easy: I will fix this as fast as it is possible. The only problem is this is my code :) I did it. And it was really modern, smart, etc. But years passed.

Always fix it

I change my mind and I told my teammates: if you find something, just fix it. We will have to spend some time to create better legacy framework, so it will stopped to be “legacy”

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