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[about.mbank] devs for devs: meet me on 16.08.2014 at Wrocław .NET UG

Sometime ago a group of very special people did a unique application. Above sentence can describe almost any IT project, but I am sure You will agree that the New mBank in 100% meets above definition, including that:

  1. It was completely renew of access channel to one of biggest internet bank in Poland
  2. It was build by multiple teams (10+) in different cites working in parallel
  3. It has unified architecture
  4. It integrates with living IT infrastructure
  5. Much much more

And it was done in .NET which is quite unique project on that scale done on the top of Microsoft technologies stack.

So if you will be on 16.08.2014 in Wrocław or somewhere near you are welcome to listen about how we did it.

The details:

  • When: 2014-08-16 18:30:00
  • Where: Wrocław ul.Rzeźnicza 28
  • Who: Me, Myself and I
  • Link: http://www.meetup.com/wrocnet/

If you decide to come, You will have unique chance to hear about:

  1. How to structure and manage 1.000.000 lines of JavaScript
  2. Side-by-side (almost XP) work of UIUX artists with .NET developers
  3. Efficiently sharing artifacts between 100+ developers
  4. Making ASP.NET MVC application really modular
  5. How to trace and find bottlenecks in multi-layered, multi-technological application

After presentation I am planning to have Q&A session.

To sum up: See you on 16th


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